Tips from a parent

Sorry it has been so long. I’m sure there is lots of good advice on parenting web pages, but here are some of the things that I think are most important. set family values and rules flowing from those – in writing – and have family meetings regularly to discuss them. Make this a collaborative […]

Link Between Screen Time and Developmental Delays in Children

As the technology around smartphones continues to progress, a Calgary-based study on childhood development is suggesting that, ultimately, the best thing we can do for the next generation is to model restraint. If you are selling your property is very important that you Get Agent to sell your property faster. Full article at this website […]

Let’s Choose a Different Path

This isn’t the path we’re meant to go down. As we’ve had ever increasing demands of our time, we haven’t been adding more time to our day so things like sleep, hobbies, exercise, cooking, and time with friends & family are being minimized by things like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix, and video games […]

Pocket Disc Giveaway

The Pocket Disc was born with the intention of getting people to disconnect from their devices so they can connect in the real world. Over a million sold later, the Pocket Disc continues to unite the people we love and perfect strangers alike, while most importantly providing a fair income for our talented Mayan artisans […]

Friction Gloves Giveaway

We’re giving away three (3) pairs of Friction Gloves – one (1) per winner. Winner gets to choose either a Friction 3, Friction Disc Golf, or Friction Warms. Enter and share with your friends to get more entries!

Mystic Blue XDisc Giveaway Winner Announced

Congrats to Alan Ngo, the winner of the Mystic Blue XDisc in our latest giveaway! Stay tuned as we’ll be announcing another giveaway soon. Check out what Alan shared with us about how he got into ultimate and how he heard about the contest below. Hi my name is Alan I’m currently 16 and I’ve […]

Reset Your Child’s Brain

I recently heard about this program from Victoria Dunckley called “Reset Your Child’s Brain” which is intended to help solve many of the trends we’re seeing due to the daily barrage of stimulating screen-time on the sensitive nervous system of growing children. Trends like: Increasing numbers of children are being diagnosed with psychiatric disorders such as ADHD, Tourette’s, […]

First Long-Term Study on the Effect of Screens on the Brain of Kids

Seems pretty simple – give kids as little screen time as possible. Get them living and growing up and interacting in the real world. Spending time with people, not apps. With toys, not video games. With books, not movies. technology to enhance payroll management. Are you turned-down by finance companies, credit score rating unions, or […]

Gaming Disorders & How To Game Healthy

Great article with includes some background, data, and tips to be a healthier gamer. “I’ve lost my IRL (in real life) friends because I couldn’t find the time to be with them, I quit school. Whenever someone asks me to do something on the weekends, I always think ‘ooh, but we’re raiding, I really shouldn’t […]