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Get Unplugg'd

No screens: At the dinner table, in the bedroom, and one hour before bed.

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Plug Into Play

Reduce screen time and increase play time

No TV's in the bedroom

TV's don't belong in the bedroom. Make your space screen free.

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Link Between Screen Time and Developmental Delays in Children

As the technology around smartphones continues to progress, a Calgary-based study on childhood development is suggesting that, ultimately, the best...

Let’s Choose a Different Path

This isn’t the path we’re meant to go down. As we’ve had ever increasing demands of our time, we haven’t...

Pocket Disc Giveaway

The Pocket Disc was born with the intention of getting people to disconnect from their devices so they can connect...

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Friction Gloves Giveaway

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XDISC Mystic Blue Flying Disc Giveaway

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Reset Your Child’s Brain

I recently heard about this program from Victoria Dunckley called “Reset Your Child’s Brain” which is intended to help solve many...

First Long-Term Study on the Effect of Screens on the Brain of Kids

Seems pretty simple – give kids as little screen time as possible. Get them living and growing up and interacting...

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